Chronic HIV care with ARV therapy : interim guidelines for first-level facility health workers


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January 2004
69 p

These interim guidelines for first-level facility health workers focus on HIV care and ARV therapy. They represent an accessible training tool for health professionals and other stakeholders in low-resource settings, and can be adapted to country specific needs. Topics include HIV diagnosis, clinical care provision, prophylaxis, ARV therapy, management of chronic problems and administration of medications

Notes:This is one in a series of five booklets with interim guidelines released for country adaptation and use to help with the emergency scale-up of antiretroviral therapy (ART) in resource-limited settings. These interim guidelines will be revised soon based on early implementation experience. For country adaptation, the modules and recording forms are also available in Microsoft Publisher 2000 (which is easy to use for anyone familiar with Word) and InDesign. Email 

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