Child context relationships and developmental outcomes : some perspectives on poverty and culture

DAWES, Andrew
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In 2002 the Christian Children's Fund commissioned a comprehensive study on the experience and the impact of poverty on children. The results were published in a series of five working papers and are aimed at community organisations working on breaking multigenerational poverty. This working paper points out that programmes must be sensitive to the several contexts that simultaneously influence the child's development -- the ecology the child is in, the developmental period, and the social, cognitive, emotional and physical domain. Cultural practices form a central component of a child's context. The second half of the paper explores the ways in which cultures structure the experience of childhood. It stresses that cultural practices and local knowledge are integral in all developmental contexts. The paper focuses on children of all ages, but is aware of the different needs of the child at the different developmental stages, as outlined on page 12. The paper takes a very general worldwide geographical viewpoint, which contributes to some useful overall theories, discussion points and conclusions that can be applied to a variety of programmes around the world

Children and Poverty Working Paper 3
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