Atlas child and adolescent mental health resources : global concerns : implications for the future

World Psychiatric Association
International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions
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The information gathered for the child and adolescent mental health ATLAS was collected through a survey instrument designed specifically to gain information on youth services, training activities, and providers resources in all regions of the world. The primary purposes of the report were to stimulate additional data gathering in a systematic fashion and to encourage the development of needed child and adolescent mental health policy, services and training.
Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Methods and limitations 3. Rights of the child and adolescent 4. Policy and programmes 5. Information systems 6. Need for services 7. Service system gaps 8. Integration of services 9. Barriers to care 10. Care providers 11. Training for care 12. Financing of care 13. Availability and use of medication 14. The future 15. References

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