Alternative forms of care for children without parental care : prospects, challenges and opportunities in developing community based care strategies in India

VOORST, Annemiek van

Publication Date 

May 2006
18 p

This paper presents an overview of the debate on children without parental care and possible models of care, including: out-of-home care, child-headed households, informal care by family members or others, formal foster care by family members or others, residential facilities, transit centres, and placement abroad. It outlines the UNICEF and UNAIDS framework for collective action, which considers families and communities as the foundation of an effective, scaled-up response to the increase in the number of orphans and vulnerable children all over the world. It calls for strengthening the coping capacities of families, supporting community-based responses, ensuring access for children without parental care to essential services, promoting adequate government policies and raising awareness through advocacy and social mobilisation

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