Advocacy, communication and social mobilization to stop TB : a 10-year framework for action


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This workplan focuses on how advocacy, communication and social mobilitation can contribute to TB control policies and programmes. In particular, it aims to: provide guidance to national initiatives designed to implement the Global Plan TB 2006-2025; foster advocacy, communication and social mobilization capacity (ACSM); and encourage behavioural and social changes, tailored to specific local context, that will result in increased TB case detection and cure rates. A successful strategy will need to: develop national and sub-national ACSM capacity; build inclusion of patients and communities affected; ensure political commitment and accountability; build country-level ACSM partnerships; learn and build on good ACSM practices. This is key tool for policy makers, at national and local level, health authorities and organisations working with TB and health communication

Document No:WHO/HTM/STB/2006.37 

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