Western Pacific

How-to-guide : preparing teachers for inclusive education

"This guide aims to help CRS and partner education programs prepare teachers to implement successful models of inclusive education at the school level. It builds upon the previous publication while focusing more specifically on issues relating to teacher training and human resource development. Though the Vietnamese experience may not be universally applicable in all country contexts, it is hoped that the examples provided will serve as a reference of core themes that can be tailored to suit individual country needs"

Helmet use among motorcyclists in Cambodia : a survey of use, knowledge, attitudes, and practices

"Road traffic injuries (RTIs) are a leading cause of disability and fatality globally. Motorcycle-related injuries, mainly head injuries, and related deaths and disabilities are a significant contributor to the burden of disease in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Helmets have been proven to be an effective way to reduce the risk of head injury. As motorcycle use continually increases in Cambodia, head injuries and related deaths and disabilities are expected to rise.

Disability at a glance 2012 : strengthening the evidence base in Asia and the Pacific

This report series aims to provide a regional overview of disability policies and practices, as well as relevant country data and information. This fourth edition highlights the complexity of interpreting disability data and stresses the urgent need to work towards a greater common understanding of disability, related data and data collection practices. The report consists of an introduction, two analytical chapters and subregional and country snapshots.

Incheon strategy to "make the right real" for the persons with disabilities in Asia and the Pacific

"This report presents information about 'The Incheon Strategy' which provides the Asian and Pacific region, and the world, with the first set of regionally agreed disability-inclusive development goals. Developed over more than two years of consultations with governments and civil society stakeholders, the Incheon Strategy comprises 10 goals, 27 targets and 62 indicators.

Accessible elections for persons with disabilities in five Southeast Asian countries

This report is the first systematic attempt to gather data on election access from Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, the Philippines and Vietnam. The report reviews, for persons with disabilities, existing legal frameworks, challenges and barriers in exercising political rights and participation; best practices and innovations; and examples of how disabled persons organisations have been involved in electoral issues

Forgotten sisters : recognising and responding to domestic violence in the lives of women with disabilities

This report outlines the lack of recognition of disabled women in Australia. It highlights the lack of support services for disabled women faced with domestic violence and how services can better respond to their needs
Domestic Violence, Disability and Cultural Safety National Forum 2007 "Diverse and Inclusive Practice: Redrawing the Boundaries"
Brighton-Le-Sands, NSW, Australia
8-9 Nov 2007