Preparedness and warning systems for populations with special needs : ensuring everyone gets the message (and knows what to do)

This paper discusses the use of information and communications technologies systems in the use of disaster management situations such as those providing early warnings, and how they benefit persons with disabilities (and the general population).  An ongoing project in Japan provided a case study in which a disaster preparedness information system is meeting the need of persons with disabilities

Geotechnical and Geological Engineering Journal, Volume 29, Issue 3

Disaster resilience and people with functional needs

This journal article focuses on initiatives to build community resilience particularly in the context of Hurricane Sandy.  The authors propose that the development of strong partnerships between government and non-governmental organisations for planning, response, and recovery is central to safeguarding the needs of people with functional needs in the event of disasters, as are policies that states and the federal government to promote community resilience 

The New England Journal of Medicine, Vol 367, Issue 24

Access to emergency alerts for people with disabilities : recommendations for accessible emergency notification

This report represents a collaborative effort to research and disseminate replicable approaches that make emergency warnings accessible to people with sensory disabilities (people who are deaf, late-deafened, hard of hearing, blind, visually impaired, or deaf-blind)

Saving lives : including people with disabilities in emergency planning

This report provides an overview of the steps US federal government should take to include people with disabilities in emergency preparedness, disaster relief and homeland security program.  Key recommendations are provided and offer examples of community efforts to take account of the needs of people with disabilities


Note: This report is also available in alternative formats on the National Council on Disability's (NCD) website: