News and projects

June 2014

Source new website and CRPD article index
Source recently launched a new more user-friendly website.  The new design is easier to navigate and features new categorical search options for both our resources and organisations databases.  The collection also now includes an additional index that organises disability and inclusion key lists according to articles six to 33 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

March 2012

Source restructure and new disability and inclusion topic areas 
Source is now an International Online Resource Centre on Disability and Inclusion. The collection has been reorganised into six new topic areas broadly corresponding to the Community-based Rehabilitation matrix but also responding to the different articles outlined of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). 
Source previously managed an extensive collection relating to health and communications issues. This is no longer updated but all of these resources previously added or created are still available for download. Previous health key lists can be accessed through our A-Z key list page, and health resources can be searched through our bibliographic search functions. Additionally, health organisations and distributors can be found in our contacts and distributor databases.

March 2011

Electronic resource collection and the rearrangement of the key topics 
Source now contains purely electronic resources accessible through the Internet. The key topic areas have been rearranged, however all of the information is still available. New key lists will be available soon.

March 2011

Newsletters and journals
Health and disability newsletters and journals are now included within the Bibliographic database. Use our bibliographic database to search for newsletters and journals by title, by author, by subject or by publisher. 

December 2010

Source is in a transition period 
Source is currently in a process of transition, where we are reviewing our partnerships and online content. During this time, the Source What's New e-bulletin will not be available. However, we continue to post the Disability, Inclusion & Development e-bulletin, which contains the latest resources published in this area. 
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