Treatment Action Campaign (TAC)

185 Smith Street
9th Floor Auckland House
Corner Smith and Biccard Streets

Region Located 


+27 21 788 3507


TAC's main objective is to campaign for greater access to treatment for all South Africans, by raising public awareness and understanding about issues surrounding the availability, affordability and use of HIV treatments. TAC campaigns against the view that AIDS is a ‘death sentence’. Its objectives are to ensure access to affordable and quality treatment for people with HIV/AIDS; prevent and eliminate new HIV infections; and improve the affordability and quality of health-care access for all. It does this through promoting treatment awareness and literacy among all people; campaigning for AZT and Nevirapine for pregnant women to prevent mother-to-child transmissions; campaigning against profiteering by drug companies and other bodies; building a mass TAC membership; building networks and alliances with unions, employers, religious bodies, women and youth organisations, lesbian and gay organisations and other interested sections of the community; street activism and letter writing; and targeting pharmaceutical companies to lower the costs of all HIV/AIDS medications and maintain pressure on the government to fulfill its HIV/AIDS obligations