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The Rise Institute. Institute for Reconstruction and International Security through Education


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The RISE Institute in Washington, DC
3012 Porter Street, NW
Washington, DC 20008

The RISE Institute is committed to helping nations affected by conflicts or severe poverty to provide high-quality educational opportunities for young children, youth and families. RISE assists countries to develop comprehensive, culturally appropriate and effective policies, programs and evaluation systems for early childhood development, formal and non-formal education, girl's and women's education, and workforce development.

CORE Group

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901 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Suite 902 | Washington, DC 20006

CORE Group convenes global community health professionals to share knowledge, evidence, and best practices, and then translates these into the real world with a direct impact.

Disability Inclusion Helpdesk


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The Disability Inclusive Development (DID) programme aims to test innovative approaches to disability inclusion. It will produce evidence about what works in providing tangible outcomes for people with disabilities including access to education, jobs and healthcare, and to reduce stigma and discrimination.

The programme includes a Disability Inclusion Helpdesk facility providing disability inclusion research and advice to staff in DFID and across government. The Helpdesk draws on disability inclusion experts from a range of research institutions, independent consultants, non-governmental organisations and civil society organisations.

The Paediatric Blast Injury Partnership

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The Paediatric Blast Injury Partnership is committed to finding solutions to the challenges of blast injury for both patients and their caregivers. 

The Partnership seeks to deliver practical resources quickly to support treatment, practice, planning and training. 

The Partnership supports future research strategies for to improve outcomes for those suffering from paediatric blast injury.

European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

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The EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations department has been providing assistance to people in need since 1992

Whenever there is a disaster or humanitarian emergency, the EU provides assistance for the affected countries and populations.

In line with the four principles grounded in International Humanitarian Law, EU humanitarian aid:

  • addresses human suffering, with particular attention to the most vulnerable groups of people, while respecting the dignity of all victims (humanity);
  • does not favour any side in a conflict (neutrality);
  • is provided solely on the basis of needs, without any kind of discrimination (impartiality);
  • is independent of any agenda, be it political, economic, military or else (independence).


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