Costa Rica

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Apartado 335-1002
Paseo de Los Estudiantes

CIPAC is an investigation into the situation and promotion of human rights of socially marginalised populations, in particular gays, lesbians and people living with HIV/AIDS. The CIPAC resource centre is open to the public

International Nursing Services Ass, India (INSA/INDIA)


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5/1 Benson Cross Road Benson Town, Bangalore Karnataka 560046

The organisation trains trainers to establish need based health development and AIDS prevention projects in remote areas of India, Nepal and Bangladesh. The training programmes conducted offer follow-up services to each trainee in their place of work and establishes a long term relationship with the trainee. The training programme deals with all aspects of health.

Lawyers Collective HIV/AIDS Unit


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7/10 Botawalla Building
2nd Floor, Horniman Circle
Mumbai 400023

The Lawyers' Collective HIV/AIDS unit provides legal aid and allied services to people affecte by HIV/AIDS. It conducts workshops on legal and ethical issues vis-a-vis HIV/AIDS for people living with HIV/AIDS, the legal community, policy planners, health care wiorkers, NGOs and the general public with special emphasis on marginalised populations

AIDS Concern


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17B, Block F
3 Lok Man Road
Chai Wan, Hong Kong

AIDS Concern aim to strengthen community responses to AIDS through targeted outreach prevention for vulnerable groups and support services for people with HIV/AIDS

First National Bank of Botswana Ltd (FNBB)


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PO Box 1552

FNBB is a financial institution with various departments. The Health, Safety and Welfare Department aims to provide quality social security and health services, guidance and counselling to employees and their families, to ensure a commitment to work and worker productivity

Associaçao Brasiliera Interdisciplinar de AIDS (ABIA)


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Rua da Cangelária 79, 10 andar - Centro
Rio de Janeiro/RJ Cep 20091-020

ABIA is a national NGO with a nationwide programme on AIDS awareness and education. It conducts research on public policy and socio-economic issues concerning AIDS. Specific projects include those aimed at women, schools, the workplace and men who have sex with men. ABIA's resource centre is for ABIA staff and participants at its workshops. ABIA produces Boletim ABIA, which focuses on te work ABIA does at the political level and what the latest political issues related to HIV/AIDS are. It also produces the Portuguese edition of AIDS Action

Kenya AIDS NGOs Consortium (KANCO)


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PO Box 69866
00400 Nairobi

The Consortium was established in 1990 with the goal of strengthening the HIV/AIDS prevention and care initiatives of its members. Consortium members meet regularly to exchange information on activities, share resources and materials, encourage good working relationships with government bodies and promote activities at a village level. KANCO exists to provide and promote leadership, solidarity and collaboration among members for collective action towards effective responses to HIV/AIDS. Its objectives are to establish a networking system among NGOs, religious organizations, the private sector, government, local and international organizations; to make available factual information and IEC materials on STIs and HIV/AIDS; to provide a forum for sharing experiences, resources and promoting collaborative effort; to build capacity among members to provide quality services in response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic; to complement government efforts in the control of HIV/AIDS in the spirit of partnership; and contribute towards the review and articulation of relevant policies. KANCO members are supported by a resource centre that aims to collect and disseminate practical, locally relevant information on HIV and AIDS

Southern African AIDS Trust (SAT)


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PO Box 390
4 Beit Avenue
Milton Park

The SAT Programme acts both as a donor and facilitator for community AIDS initiatives. SAT works closely with project partners in the southern Africa region. SAT has developed a capacity-building model "School without walls" which aims to build a knowledge base for sustainable community AIDS programmes by developing the skills of committed organisations and people.

Catholic AIDS Action


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P O Box 11525

Namibia ranks as one of the most HIV/AIDS-affected countries in the world. But most people who have HIV don't know they are infected, which means that the disease continues to spread, unabated. Catholic AIDS Action believes that the AIDS pandemic calls for a holistic response, that addresses both prevention and care. There is no time to waste. Since its founding in 1998 as the first national church-based response to HIV/AIDS in Namibia, Catholic AIDS Action has grown to become Namibia's largest and most effective non-governmental organisation in the AIDS field. Thirty trained volunteer groups now provide nationwide home-based family care to people infected with HIV and AIDS. Another 35 groups work on income-producing projects, living programs for people who are already infected, peer support, and outreach. Its prevention program has graduated over 4,000 youngsters in a ten-week UNICEF-sponsored course. It has also established national standards for training and supervising home-based care, as well as care of needy orphans



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Grayston Centre
28 Charles Square
London N1 6HT

STOPAIDS is the network of UK agencies working since 1986 to secure an effective global response to HIV and AIDS.

Formerly known as two separate organisations - UK Consortium on AIDS and International Development and the Stop AIDS Campaign - they were re-branded and re-launched in September 2013 as one merged organisation.  

Together with people with HIV, STOPAIDS fights for a global response that respects, protects and fulfils human rights improving HIV treatment, prevention, care and support of those suffering.

Woman Being Concern


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K405, Tower Bridge Business Complex
100 Clement's Road
London SE16 4DG

Woman Being Concern's main mission is to mobilise the grassroot communities towards achieving sustainable development in Africa as well as other parts of the world where there is need to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged people. In order to do this, the organisation seeks to empower women and community-based organisations (CBOs) through functional education, raising awareness of human rights and promoting social changes (including improved quality of health) that are real, positive and lasting.

TILLA - Association of Women Living with HIV and AIDS (TILLA AWLHA)


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PO Box 1041
SNNPR, Sidama ZOne
Awassa Town

Tilla Association of Women Living with HIV is a local NGO working towards fighting the spread of HIV and AIDS in Ethiopia. TILLA believes that community awareness programmes are key to successful memory work. This includes involving men and fathers, guardians, child-headed households and extended families in the memory work activities. Cooperating with other interested NGOs and government organisations has also strengthened TILLA’s approach to memory work

Kondwa Day Center for Orphans


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Kondwa Day Centre Ng'ombe Compound P.O. Box 33652 Lusaka

The name Kondwa means "Be Happy." Kondwa is a day center, whose mission is to give hope to the lives of orphaned children in one of the most deprived areas of Lusaka, Zambia in Africa. Children from the ages of 3-9 years old, who have lost one or both parents, mostly to AIDS or HIV related disease, are provided with education, food, medical attention and love. Children in counseling workshops are encouraged to tell their stories and recount their memories. The process of remembering helps children to deal with loss, grief and transition. The center provides for the psycho-social and material needs of more than 90 children