Basic Support for Institutionalizing Child Support (BASICS)


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VDN X Route du font de Tene
PO Box 3746

Key goals for BASIC II are to achieve increased use of effective, improved and sustainable child health interventions and improving infant and child health and nutrition and reducing infant and child mortality. The resource centre is open to the public. The BASICS II website provides on-line access to electronic documents produced by BASICS and its partners

Southern African Network of AIDS Service Organisations (SANASO)


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PO Box 6690

SANASO is a network which aims to strengthen the effectiveness and co-ordination of the NGO, FBO and CBO response to HIV/AIDS in the southern Africa region by encouraging information exchange between NGOs and liaison with national AIDS Control Programmes. With a current membership of over 1000 organisations in 10 member countries, network activities are co-ordinated through its secretariat office in Harare.

Township AIDS Project (TAP)

South Africa

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PO Box 4168
Johannesburg 2000

TAP aims to provide information, educaiton and training in behaviour, communication and change; to provide free information in its resource centre which is open to the public; and to provide support and care for PLAs

Hope Worldwide CI|Centre d'Assistance Socio-Médicale (CASM)

Côte d'Ivoire

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BP 1021
Cidex 06

CASM aims to: Provide comprehensive care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS and those affected. Develop a care continum both locally and nationally. Strengthen the community capacity and response to HIV/AIDS. Provide a forum for discussion and information transfer on subjects realted to HIV/AIDS. Use effective participatory prevention strategies among youth and other vulnerable groups. Promote an effective network of NGOs

Centre for the Development of People (CEDEP)


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PO Box 5601

CEDEP's overall objectives are; To empower disadvantaged groups, community-based organisations and institutions to work for the rights of their members and ensure the recognition of their needs and capacities by the structures of authority. To sensitise critical actors in society to protect the rights of the marginalised and ensure the recognition of the needs and capabilities of the latter by the structures of authority. To enhance women's ability to improve the quality of their lives through participatory decision-making, access to and control of resources, skills and benefits. To improve the quality of life of the youth through the aquisition of relevant skills and knowledge to enable them to make informed decisions in economic and social matters. To enter into partnership and joint ventures with identifiable organisations for mutual socio-economic benefit. To develop a strong network with other organisations in order to influence macro socio-economic policy

Kuleana Centre for Children's Rights


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PO Box 27

Promotes awareness and advocacy about children's rights, with particular emphasis on the girl child. Facilitates children's right to self-expression, strengthens programming capacity in child rights in Tanzania, provides essential services to and supports the rights of street children in Mwanza, and promotes universal (basic) primary education in Tanzania. Kuleana has a resource centre

Jimma University


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P O Box 378

University with five faculties: Medical Sciences; Public Health; Business; Technology; and Agriculture. Also runs a busy 250 bed rural hospital. Aims to support and educate staff to supply appropriate services. The Resource Centre is not open to the public

ActionAid Kenya


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PO Box 42814

ActionAid Kenya exists to facilitate processes that eradicate poverty and ensure social justice and equality. Their vision in the AIDS department is to see that the poor and marginalised communities are empowered to gain control over the causes of their vulnerability to HIV, secure basic rights and needs, live with dignity and achieve sustainable development in the face of AIDS

Salvation Army Chikankata Health Services


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Private Bag S2

The aim of the organisation is to encourage community participaiton and ownership of personal health. Its objectives are to deliver holistic health as close to the family as possible

National AIDS Coordination Programme (NACP)


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2nd floor, Mukwati Building
PO Box CY1122
Causeway, Harare

NACP id responsible for coordinating the national multisectorial response to HIV/AIDS and TB in Zimbabwe. It is also responsible for coordinating the specific health sector response to HIV/AIDS with special focus on treatment and care, prevention and control of HIV/AIDS, counselling and testing, condom promotion and prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV. The NACP resource centre is open to the public

Walio Katika Mapambano na AIDS Tanzania (WAMATA)


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PO Box 33279
Dar es Salaam

WAMATA deals with HIV transmission. AIms include: the reduction of social, pathological, psychological, legal and humnan rights problems for people living with HIV/AIDS; An increase in the institutions capacity in counselling and home based care services; Institutional support; Monitoring and evaluation of performance facilities with WAMATA branches. The WMATA resource centre is open to the public

World Vision Uganda (WVU)


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PO Box 5319

This is a Christian, development and child care agency. It believes that all development is integral to improving the well-being of children. Its aims are to contribute to the reduction of infant and maternal mortality rates through community-based programmes and empowerment of the beneficiaries; to improve water and sanitation; to increase education rates; to improve agriculture and the environment and to assist in the development of midro-enterprises. It s resource centre is not open to the public, but it is planned that in the future it will be

Society for the Welfare of the Deaf (SWD)


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Rue Pope Hennessy

Aims to train and educate all deaf people in the Mauritius; to assist them in obtaining medical treatment and suitable employment; to grant them any material relief which they might need; and to erect, open and manage training centres, schools and hostels. The Resource Centre is not open to the public

National Council on Women and Development (NCWD)


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P O Box 304

NCWD's objectives are to advise the government on all matters relating to the full integration of women into national development; to serve as the official national body liasing with national and international organisations on matters relating to the status of women; and to collect and disseminate information relating to gender and development and to undertake and encourage intervention work regarding gender issues. The resource centre is open to the public