McCam Child Development Centre


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231 Old Hope Road
Kingston 6

McCam Centre, since its opening in 1986, has made its mission to provide an integrated environment based on the development levels for the entire range of children whether they are developmentally gifted or delayed. To provide a community which promotes the recognition and acceptance of the similarities and the differences among us. To changing attitudes and social structures which serve as barriers to children that are viewed as different in the wider community. To the growth and development of its staff who sees the Centre's philosophy as part of themselves. To gaining of ourselves the little extra needed to help each child reach their maximum potential. It is our vision to provide a comprehensive package of services supported by an effective organisational structure, financially stable with a clinical and technical team working to provide best practice at the highest standard for children with exceptional needs including those with disabilities

Spinal Cord Injury Association-Nepal (SCIAN)


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Spinal Cord Injury Association-Nepal
P. O. box 148 Pokhara
Malepatan, Pokhara

Spinal Cord Injury Association-Nepal is a registered non profit making social organisation working for the rehabilitation of the spinal injuries and other disabled people since its inception in 2000. The organisation implements the following activities /programs: Awareness raising / Advocacy, skill development training, income generation programs, assistive devices support, schooling support,peer council ling,net working, referrals.

International Islamic Youth League (IIYL)


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Hamadallaye ACI
2000 Road 314 Office No 161
Bamako Mali

The International Islamic Youth League, is an international Non Governmental organization established since 1991, the organization supporting humanitarian and development project in the war affected countries in Africa.

Center for Health Adolescents Uganda


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P.O Box 36321

Center for Health Adolescents Uganda (CHAU) is a registered not for profit organization which aims at reducing youth health problems in Uganda. The Center is committed to assisting both rural and urban youth in becoming healthy and productive. Together with the community, the Center promotes youth health, conducts research that identifies the needs and strengths of young people and designs programs to promote the health and well-being of young people|The fundamental mission is to help adolescents develop healthy adult lifestyles through health promotion, research, preventive primary health and social services, while efficiently utilizing limited resources|To accomplish this mission CHAU has four basic goals: To reduce youth health problems through promotion of health services among young people (14-25 years of age) in areas where health services are poor and inadequate; To advocate and implement interventions which can promote health and ensure respect for the young people; To coordinate community resources to provide psycho-social support, nutrition, and sustainable live hood services for the young people; To provide evidence based information to youth, schools, parents and policy makers on matters concerning youth health.

Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development


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Plot 2, Simbamanyo House
P.O.Box 7136 George St,
Kampala, Uganda

The History of the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development is derived from its mandate as of the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, Chapters 4 and 16 which is to: “empower communities to harness their potential through skills development, Labour productivity and cultural growth.” The constitution advocates for protection and promotion of fundamental rights of the poor and other vulnerable groups as well as institutions of traditional or cultural leaders.


The Ministry’s mandate is to empower communities to harness their potential through cultural growth, skills development and Labour productivity for sustainable and gender responsive development.

The mission is promotion of gender equality, labour administration, social protection and transformation of communities.

The vision is a better standard of living, equality and social cohesion,  especially for poor and vulnerable groups in Uganda.


The Sector Strategic Objectives are:

-To empower communities to appreciate, access, participate in, manage and demand accountability in public and community based initiatives;

-To protect vulnerable persons from deprivation and livelihood risks;

-To create an enabling environment for increasing employment opportunities and productivity for Improved livelihoods and social security for all, especially the poor and vulnerable;

-To ensure that issues of inequality and exclusion in access to services across all sectors and at all levels are addressed; and

-To improve performance of SD institutions to coordinate and implement the SDIP at various levels.

Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI)

South Africa

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Gender and Health Research Unit, Medical Research Council
Private Bag x385
0001 Pretoria

1 Soutpansberg Road, Pretoria

In 2003 the Global Froum for Health Research established the Sexual Violence Research Initiative. The SVRI was initially hosted by the World Health Organization (WHO) before moving to the Medical Research Council, South Africa in 2006. The SVRI is a global research initiative that aims to promote good quality research in the area of sexual violence, particularly in developing countries. The work of the SVRI is guided by a Coordinating Group of experts from different disciplines, networks of organisations on sexual violence and global regions.