Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya Rehabilitation Clinic


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PO Box 93959

Aims to rehabilitate children with physical disabilities up to the point where they can walk on their own or with the support of walking appliances; to improve their health by providing necessary medication; and to assess their needs for a school placement. It is hoped that these children will then be able to lead a near normal life with the same opportunities as their able-bodied counterparts

Disability Studies Unit (DSU)

Sri Lanka

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Faculty of Medicine
University of Kelaniya
PO Box 06

DSU's aims and objectives are to promote CBR internationally and in Sri Lanka through education, research and disemination of information. DSU has disabled staff. DSU has a resource centre which is open to the public and an enquiry service which is accessible by letter or telephone. It also facilitates the training of speech and language therapists and conducts research on disability issues.

ASSERT & Timor Loro S'ae Centre for Prosthetics & Orthotic


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Cambodia Trust
PO Box 122
Phnom Penh

Campaigning and working for equal rights for disabled people in an inclusive society. Equal rights and opportunities are promoted through rehabilitation, capacity building and advocacy. The organisation provides inexpensive and easily accessible rehab, prosthetic &orthotic services for the physically disabled. CBR methods are used to identify people that require support and help to access rehabilitation. The organisation also provides skills training and micro-credit schemes.

Children with Disability Australia (CDA)


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PO Box 172
Clifton Hill
Victoria, 3058

Children with Disability Australia (CDA) is the national peak body that represents children and young people with disability aged 0-25. CDA is a not for profit, community based organisation and has a national membership of 5000 with the majority being families.

CDA’s vision is that children and young people with disability living in Australia are afforded every opportunity to thrive, achieve their potential and that their rights and interests as individuals, members of a family and their community are met.

CDA works at the national level to progress opportunities and inclusion of all children and young people with disability living in Australia. It works to achieve these aims by:

• Educating national public policy-makers and the broader community about the needs of children and young people with disability.

• Representing children and young people with disability to ensure the best possible support and services are available from government and the community.

• Informing children and young people with disability, families and care givers about their rights and entitlements to services and support.

• Celebrating the successes and achievements of children and young people with disability.

ROMP Range of Motion Project


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PO Box 100915
Denver, CO 80250
United States

ROMP is a non-profit, for-impact healthcare organization dedicated to providing prosthetic care to those without access to these services. 

Our Model

All amputees deserve the best care possible. We refurbish donated components, purchase new components, and even invent components— whatever it takes to get our patients what they need.

Our Strategy

Quality Clinical Care:

Provide medical care based on medical need, not cost
Apply evidence-based standards that offer the best outcomes
Develop and distribute high-quality technologies at low cost


Local Investment:

Train and employ local practitioners to provide services
Strengthen local health systems through strategic partnerships
Stimulate development through buying and hiring locally



Raise public awareness of the global lack of prosthetic and orthotic care
Enable those with disabilities to redefine their human potential
Connect people of all backgrounds in common cause

LOH Medical


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318 Davis Street
Clarks Summit, PA

Loh Medical is a supplier of durable medical equipment that specialises in providing assistive and rehabilitative technology to people with disabilities.

Examples of their products include power mobility equipment such as scooters and power chairs, pediatric pacer gait trainers, and other orthopedic devices. They are experts at assisting medical professionals, distributors and individuals in the selection of appropriate assistive technology, with a special focus on mobility.

LOH Medical knows the logistical and documentation needs of the international markets.

Their technical support assures many years of satisfaction for our customers, and the assurance of innovative solutions for special needs.

Users can visit their website to find the contact information for specific regions. LOH Medical has dedicated staff and offices located in key areas for easy accessibility to their clients.