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69/3 Van Bao street
Lieu Giai

CENFORCHIL. Is a scientific and technological organization under VUSTA directly. With operational philosophy “Today’s children-Tomorrow’s world” Cenforchil operate for: - Children’s total development - The equality of poor and disabled children - The brighter future of children Cenforchil: - Implement scientific research to assist poor and disabled people. - Organize the vocational training and create job opportunity for poor and disabled people. - Improvement of ability in how to take a good care of children at home. - Mobilizing policy for poor, disabled children

Christopher "Maithri"( Compassiom) Therapy Centre (C.M/T.C.)

Sri Lanka

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921Aluthmawatha road
Colombo 15
Sri Lanka

The Centre provides care and support services for children and adults with disabilities who have no, or very limited access, to other support services. Children and adults are identified and invited to attend the Centre after an assessment and interview with the family in their place of residence. An initial group of children and adults have already been identified and attending to the Centre twice a week to have access to various therapies and other services. The Centre is based in the Colombo 15 because this has been identified as one of the most economically disadvantaged areas in the city where access to appropriate services is very limited. Colombo 15 is a highly diverse area in terms of religion, ethnicity and culture. The centre is open to all without discrimination on the basis of religion, ethnicity or language. Children and adults who visit our centre are diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome Myopathy (Muscular dystrophies) and slow learners. Each children and adults are receiving appropriate therapies, and Training according to their condition and ability. Basic language, Tamil, Sinhala, and English writing and reading, Communication skills art, music, indoor games, sensory therapy, Physio therapy, and occupational therapy. The follow up of all activates and therapies are continued at home, with the help of their parents and siblings with the advice of Jonathan Solomon Special Educationist/ Therapist.

Association for Community Training (ACT)


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Villupuram Dist
Tamil Nadu
South India
Chennai, IN

To provide a better future for the marginalized and vulnerable section of Indian society. ACT aims to empower Eunuchs (transgender) women under vulnerability to enable them to realize their rights through education, social and human rights awareness by collective action. To liberate the target people by bringing about a structural change in their socio, economic life.

Spinal Cord Injury Association-Nepal (SCIAN)


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Spinal Cord Injury Association-Nepal
P. O. box 148 Pokhara
Malepatan, Pokhara

Spinal Cord Injury Association-Nepal is a registered non profit making social organisation working for the rehabilitation of the spinal injuries and other disabled people since its inception in 2000. The organisation implements the following activities /programs: Awareness raising / Advocacy, skill development training, income generation programs, assistive devices support, schooling support,peer council ling,net working, referrals.

Dongaria Practibandhi Manab Kalyan Sebahram


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Block: Budge budge- II
Via: Birlapur
Kolkata, West Bengal 743318

This organisation aims to take full responsibility of the nations physically challenged person on hygiene, education, and self-help-ness for whole life. The organisation's objective is to help people with disabilities with continued treatment and training to bring them mainstream in life while maintaining their equal opportunities, protection of rights and full participation.

Center for Health Adolescents Uganda


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P.O Box 36321

Center for Health Adolescents Uganda (CHAU) is a registered not for profit organization which aims at reducing youth health problems in Uganda. The Center is committed to assisting both rural and urban youth in becoming healthy and productive. Together with the community, the Center promotes youth health, conducts research that identifies the needs and strengths of young people and designs programs to promote the health and well-being of young people|The fundamental mission is to help adolescents develop healthy adult lifestyles through health promotion, research, preventive primary health and social services, while efficiently utilizing limited resources|To accomplish this mission CHAU has four basic goals: To reduce youth health problems through promotion of health services among young people (14-25 years of age) in areas where health services are poor and inadequate; To advocate and implement interventions which can promote health and ensure respect for the young people; To coordinate community resources to provide psycho-social support, nutrition, and sustainable live hood services for the young people; To provide evidence based information to youth, schools, parents and policy makers on matters concerning youth health.

Jordan Civil Society Program


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P.O. Box 1252
Amman 11821

"The USAID Civic Initiatives Support Program (USAID CIS) aims at cultivating a strong and vibrant civil society in Jordan through supporting a broad range of civic initiatives. Working at both national and local levels, it supports civic initiatives and advocacy responding to common interests, strengthens the organizational capacity of civil society organizations (CSOs) and promotes Government of Jordan-civil society collaboration efforts to address reform and development challenges"