Association Francaise d'Aide Aux Seropositifs (AFAS+)


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6 Osnaburgh St
London NW1 3DH

Provides support and help for French speaking people infected or affected by HIV/AIDS and living in the UK. It aims to faciliate the integration of french speaking PLAs into pre-existing structures and services that the UK offers. Organises a helpline, meetings and private visits with PLAs Medical consultations can be arranges by volunteer doctors. For People experiencing dificulties in understanding English linguistic assistance can be provided. The resource centre is not open to the public

Development Innovations and Networks (IRED)


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3 rue de Varembé
1211 Geneva 20

IRED are an international network which facilitates exchanges of experiences and communication and organises with faster technical support and institutional capacity strengthening of civil society by working with grass roots groups. The IRED resource centre is open to the public

Society of St.Vincent de Paul (SVP or SVdeP)

Trinidad and Tobago

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PO Box 1105
20 Duncan Street
Port of Spain

The SVP is a voluntary charitable organisation. SVP provide welfare assistance to further human development. The charity operates 10 homes for the aged, 2 hostels, 2 half-way houses, 3 shelters and a centre for socially displaced persons

Grupo de Apoio e Prevencao a AIDS-Bahia (GAPA-BA)


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Rua Colômbia 44
Santos - SP

GAPA Bahia aims to contribute to the reduction in the level of HIV; to offer psychosocial support to people living with HIV; to press for the respect of human rights in social policies and to respond to AIDS within their public health programmes. They run a telephone hotline; distribute free condoms to low income communities; produce publications; have a resource library that is open to the public; run publicity campaigns; and train school teachers in AIDS education. Specific education campaigns are with low-income sectors, trade unions, men who have sex with men, sex workers and NGO training. They provide pre- and post-test counselling, occupational therapy for PWAs and a legal advice service for PWAs

Centro Social NDSSA Semhora de BDM Parto|Casa Vida


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Av Alvaro Ramos
366 CEP-03058-060
Sao Paulo

Suport shelter for HIV positive children. "Defender os directos da criança e do adolescente, garantindo, o exercício da cidadania contibuindo para o desenvolvimento integral da pessoa, realizando prácticas educacionais, assistenciais, diversificadas de acordo com o envolvimento da comunidade". English is second working language.

Drug Action Service (DAS)


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DAS's objectives are to educate about professional issues; to train in order to enhance the skills and abilities needed to implement and maintatin a substance free environment in homes; to develop systems and networks of information and organisation of resources necessary for a substance free work place and work force; to consult and provide support for the establishment and maintenance of substance free work places and work forces; and to raise awareness about the input of alcohol and other in the work place and work force. The resource centre is not open to the public

Women Organised to Respond to Life Threatening Diseases (WORLD)


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414 13th Street 2nd Floor
CA 94612

WORLD is a diverse community of women with HIV/AIDS and other supporters working together to provide informaiton and support to women living with HIV/AIDS and their loved ones; to educate and inspire women with HIV/AIDS to advocate for themselves, one another and their communities; and to educate the public about women's AIDS issues and inspire a compassionate response for PLAs. The resource centre is open to the public

Community Development Unit of Bethesda Hospital


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Jl. Jend. Sudirman 70
Yogyakarta 55224

Goal: CD Bethesda will work in the community for 7-10 years. During this time the community will understand their problem and root of the problem structurally and functionally. Indicator: a decrease of IMR, incidence of disease along with increase in income and establishment of the community based resourse strategey system

Yayasan Kerti Praja (YKP)


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Jalan Raya Sesetan
No 270

Aims to prevent infectious and non-infectious diseases in the community; to provide affordable clinical services for low-middle income groups; to demonstrate a more effective health care delivery system and other community development through operations research; and to provide assistance to other organisations in behavioural reseach, project design and evaluation. The resource centre is open to the public

Spastics Society of India|National Resource Centre for Inclusion (NRCISS)


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Bandra Reclamation
K.C. Marg
Bandra (West)
Mumbai 400 050

The organisation networks with organisations working towards rehabilitation, including the disabled, cancer and leprosy patients, women and substance abusers. NCCP, SSI has disabled staff and board members. They have a resource centre which is open to the public and an enquiry service which is accessible by letter or telephone