Uganda Women Concern Ministry (UWCM)


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PO Box 1820

UWCM aim: to train community women in income generating skills and access them to financial and other resources; to build capacity of the community to handle issues of HIV/AIDS; to train and provide conditional grants to the poorest of the poor families; to support orphaned and needy children; to advocate for and promote child participaction, rights and responsibilities; to monitor and evaluate UWCM activities

Rural Libraries and Resources Development Programme (RLRDP)


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PO Box 439

The organisation seeks to facilitate the establishment of rural information resource centres/libraries through the training of librarians and the placement of relevent reading materials in centres for use by all segments of the rural community. The RLRDP resource centre is open to the public

Association SOS SIDA|Jeunesse Mobilisee

Burkina Faso

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01 B P 2162
Ougadougou 01

SOS SIDA aim to improve the education of rural and urban population on AIDS and Health and Sexual reproduction. Its objectives are: counselling and voluntary HIV depositing; medical, psychological and social caretaking of people living with HIV/AIDS and HIV fatherless children (children whose parents have died of AIDS). The SOS SIDA resource centre is open to the public

Family AIDS Caring Trust Masvingo (FACT)


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PO Box 1626

FACT is an AIDS service organisation providing a very wide range of services. These include orphan care, home based care, training and support of educators, trainers and the setting up of support groups for people living with AIDS. It provides health care from its clinic and free medication to people who can not afford to pay. It is also involved in advocacy and lobbying policy makers to provide better health services to the public. The FACT clinic resource centre is open to the public

Malawi Against Polio (MAP)


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P O Box 256

Aim to help people with disabilites of all ages towards independance. Particularly focusing on those with mobility problems. Those suffering from polio, paralysis, paraplegia, tatraplegia, hemiplegia and other disabilities. Also those suffering development delay such as cerebral palsy. Assessments and provision of adapted appliancdes

South African National Council in Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (SANCA)

South Africa

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PO Box 663
Auckland Park 2006

SANCA strives to address alcohol and other drug problems in South Africa through the provision of specialised, accessible and affordable prevention and treatment services to all South Africans, thereby enhancing the quality of life and restoring the self-respect and dignity of people affected by chemical substance abuse. The resource centre serves SANCA Alcohol and Drug Centres, the Institute for Heatlh Training and Development, Associate members of SANCA, tertiary institutions, professional social workers in training, private practitioners and the public of southern Africa. It operates on a fee-based system

Ahfad Centre for Reproductive Health, Family Planning and Eradication of Harmful Traditional Practices


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PO Box 167
Ahfad University for Women

The health centre provides health care services for a large section in the community. The main aim is working in reproductive health issues, raising awareness to the community and working under a well established university, such as Ahfad University for women, aiming to attain the highest possible standards in health services, obtaining user satisfaction at an affordable cost

Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre (TFNC)


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PO Box 977
Ocean Road No 22
Dar es Salaam

This is an autonomous institution under the umbrella of the Ministry of Health. It has the mandate of initiating and coordinating nutrition interventions, as well as carrying out research and advising the government and related institutions on all matters concerning food and nutrition. Resource Centre open to the public

Islamic African Relief Agency (IARA)


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PO Box 3372

Aims to initiate and open communications among all mankind regardless of religious culture, language, race or colour; put into place the principles of charity and providing basic services to the vulnerable and needy; promote and protect human rights; and promote and support water and sanitation programmes

Gaza Community Mental Health Programme


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PO Box 1049
Gaza Strip

GCMHP is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation and was established in 1990 and adopts community-based care to tackle mental health problems. It offers community mental health services and clinical care through three clinics. Each clinic consists of a multidisciplinary team. It offers training courses for PHC, health and other professionals. In addition, the Programme conducted and published research related to stress and violence issues. The main target groups are those subjected to torture and violence, women abuse, children and drug abuse.

Baby Milk Action (BMA)


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23 St Andrew's St
Cambridge CB1 3AX

BMA aims to save infant lives and to end the avoidable suffering caused by inappropriate marketing policies and practices of the baby feeding industry and by ensuring that mothers and infants worldwide are effectively represented wherever decisions affecting infant feeding are made