The Story Workshop


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Private Bag 266

The Story Workshop Educational Trust is a non-profit educational media group creating entertainment for social change in Malawi. A team of artists and scholars use a mix of advocacy and social mobilisation techniques to further human rights, gender equity, food security, HIV/AIDS education, conservation, literacy and economic development. Activities include radio soap operas, radio magazines, music, village drama and other forms of popular entertainment. See for a summary of a radio soap that they produce.

Gamos Ltd


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Crown House
231 Kings Road
Reading RG1 4LS

Gamos is a small but influential company working with the social factors surrounding technology use and transfer. A group of professionals who seek to select their clients (Governments and Non Government Agencies) to make the optimum impact. Founded in 1989, Gamos is concerned to use its professional skills for the empowerment of individuals and communities in the poorer sections of society in developing countries. This mainly involves training and research, actively seeking to build capacity in the South.



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Maison des Sociétés
Square Grimma
Bron 69500

APSIDES focuses on the rehabilitation of physically disabled people in the community.

Action Group for Rural Organisations (AGRO)


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Shunmuga Bhawanam
36/3 Kavitha Ngar, Maharaja Ngar Post
Tirunelveli - 11
Tamil Nadu 627011

Aims: to identify poor farmer's wastelands and help them to bring their lands under forestry; to select poor communities and help them to access better health and other sanitation facilities including safe water and toilets for villages; to improve the standard of living of poor families by providing micro-credit through self-help groups (SHGs)

Aims Organization


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Aims Complex
Muzaffar Garh
Jatoi District 34400

Objectives: to work for human rights (women, children, youth and farmers), to work for poverty alleviation, to work for physically disabled people, to work for the promotion of health facilities, to work for interfaith and social harmony, to work for environment development, to work for education (formal, non-formal, technical).

The Bharath Abhyudaya Seva Samithi


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D N0 25-17-131, old 7th Lane
Guntur-522 004
Andhra Pradesh

BASS works for the overall development of people in rural and urban areas through community based social, economical, educational, health care and emergency relief and rehabilitation services in Guntur district for the last 29 years. BASS organises communities to become community based organisations (CBO), peoples organisations (Federations) empowering through training, awareness on government programs, health care, education and creating opportunities to learn skills for increasing their socio-economic status in the society. Motivate them to active participation in grama sabha to solve their community issues in the process of empowerment. BASS prioritises health care to the needy communities through awareness generation, relief and rehabilitation. BASS collaborates with various Government Ministries, Departments and national and international agencies

Challenged Network of Kenya (CNK)


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The organisation aims "to build the capacity of communities comprising of persons with dsabilities, people living with HIV/AIDS, youth, women, children, the old and other persons by empowering them through initiatives that enhance better functioning and participation in opportunities for them to have better lives; to empower persons with disabilities in all aspects of life and nation development; to enlighten the community on issues dealing with disabilities and allowing the persons with disability to participate fully; to train the youth and women on income generating activities.

Jammu and Kashmir Medicinal Plants Introduction Centre


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Ginkgo House" Azizabad
Via Wuyan-Meej Road
PPR Pampore 192121
Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir Medicinal Plants Introduction Centre-JKMPIC, is a pioneer institution to start cultivation of important indigenous medicinal plants and introduce many from other parts of the world. A preliminary study on cultivation of medicinal plants in Jammu and Kashmir was from this institution. Subsequently lot of work on cultivation and improvement was done on selected plants by different scientists and a consolidated account on cultivation and utilization of these plants was published (refer to Sheikh GULZAAR, 2002 & 2007).