Early Learning Resource Unit (ELRU)

South Africa

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19 Flamingo Crescent
Lansdowne 7780
Cape Town

The Early Learning Resource Unit (ELRU) is an organisation based in South Africa working in the field of early childhood development. The aim of the website is to provide a virtual overview of the organisation and act as an online resource base of information regarding early childhood development. ELRU seeks to build on existing knowledge and skills, promote and provide access to knowledge and skills, affirm and harness the potential of diversity and support those working with young children. It does this through a series of programmes based around inclusion and diversity training, HIV/AIDS strategies, and leadership in early childhood development training. ELRU has had an incalculable influence on pre-school education in South Africa, with virtually all para-professional training either being based on ELRU materials and methods, or being heavily influenced by them. ELRU offers support to educators and others involved in post-apartheid transformation so that they are able to influence and promote change in practical ways. The anti-bias work challenges beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and social and institutional practices which are oppressive. ELRU addresses HIV/AIDS through providing training to parents and teachers, in both urban and rural settings, about the vulnerability of young children and the effects of HIV/AIDS on them and their families. They say that early childhood development (ECD) work provides a logical framework to strengthen and sustain families and projects

Pacos Trust


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PO Box 511
89507 Penampang

The PACOS trust is a community-based organisation based in Sabah in Malaysia. It aims to improve the quality of life of the indigenous communities in the region through strengthening community organisations, strengthening indigenous knowledge systems and natural resource management, and improving early childhood care and development. The trust runs a variety of programmes, one being on community early childhood care and development. They run yearly training sessions for indigenous pre-school teachers on how to run a community pre-school. This programme also constantly re-evaluates the indigenous learning curriculum so that it is appropriate to the needs of the community

Save the Children, Sweden|Regional Programme for South and Central Asia


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G.P.O Box 5850

Save the Children's regional office for South and Central Asia is run from Nepal. Their aim is to develop, encourage and promote improved programme development and planning through sharing information, programme knowledge and learning available in the South and Central Asia region in an accessible way. Save the Children Sweden, programme for South and Central Asia has recently undertaken a workshop in Nepal (February 2006) exploring the evolving capacities of the child in relation to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The workshop was run by Gerison Lansdown, author of 'The evolving capacities of the child'

Early Childhood Development Intercultural Partnerships (ECDIP)


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School of Child and Youth Care
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
BC V8W 2Y2

Early Childhood Development Intercultural Partnerships is an ongoing programme of community-university research contributing to knowledge about conditions affecting the health and development of indigenous children in Canada and around the world. Collaborative projects strengthen capacity for developing and demonstrating research, ethics, methods, tools and programmes that resonate with indigenous communities and cultures. The main focus of the organisation is on aborginal peoples in Canada, and there are currently a number of specific projects within this target group, including the following examples: (i) incorporation of indigenous knowledge in aborginal early childhood programmes, (ii) indigenous child project, (iii) indigenous fatherhood and (iv) integrated services for commuity health

Bokamoso Trust


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PO Box 925

The Bokamoso Trust is involved in an early childhood education training programme with a focus on conserving the culture and identity of the marginalised communities in West and North-West Botswana, particularly the San. The programme consists of three main sections: early childhood educators training; managerial and administrative support for village schools during field visits and training of parents and communities in early childhood care and education. The Bokamoso Trust is part of an affiliated group of eight NGOs working in Botswana and South Africa called the Kuru Family of Organisations. The common goal of the group is to empower the most vulnerable groups of indigenous peoples in Southern Africa

Inclusive Education Canada


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Kinsmen Building, York University,
4700 Keele St.
Toronto, Ontario

This web site promotes the Canadian vision for inclusive education. It has been designed as a meeting place for parents, family members, teachers, education officials and community members who are committed to making inclusive education a reality in our communities.

Our Vision: All people with intellectual disabilities are fully included with their peers in regular education, with appropriate supports from early childhood through to post secondary and adult life-long learning.

Benchmarks for Achievement:

  • Effective inclusive practice is the norm in classrooms, schools and post secondary educational systems across the country.
  • Educational policy and programming promotes and supports inclusive education.
  • Broad public support exists for inclusive education as an essential aspect of a quality education for all children