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It was in the 1980s that CBM Australia (CBMA) came into its own. The 1990s brought steadily increasing advocacy on poverty, disability and development, alongside our full accreditation with the Australian Aid Program. 

Since then, CBMA has grown our impact:

 • To over 20,000 people now praying with CBMA for our life-changing work
 • To over 300,000 supporters committed to ending the cycle of poverty and disability
 • From an annual CBMA income of $4M to $35M 

CBMA has worked hard to contribute to changes in the wider international development community. The Australian Government's second Disability Strategy, released in May 2015, is a great example of the emphasis now being given to disability inclusion within the Australian Aid Program. 

CBMA continues to be a global leader in disability inclusive development, addressing poverty alleviation through the inclusion of people with disability and working together with other NGOs, governments and international agencies towards greater disability inclusion. 

The current CBMA Strategic Plan outlines our plan to grow this transformative impact. 

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