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Source E-Bulletin, Disability and Inclusion

July 2014

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This email bulletin is a selection of 25 resources recently added to the Source collection on Disability and Inclusion. To search the full collection, visit: www.asksource.info
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Source E-Bulletin Disability and Inclusion : NEW website!

*NEW* website on disability and inclusion!

Following a major upgrade, Source (www.asksource.info) announces the launch of our new website on disability and inclusion! The website has been redesigned with a fresh new look so the Source collection is more user-friendly and easier to navigate.

Users can now use the new categorical search options to search through our resources and organisations databases or can browse through pre-prepared key lists organised according to disability and inclusion six topic areas: Cross-cutting issues, Health and functional rehabilitation, Education, Livelihoods, Social inclusion and Humanitarian.  Key lists are pre-prepared bibliographies comprising up to 30 of the best and latest resources relating to disability and inclusion, developed in close partnership with expert individuals and organisations.

Users also can register to post comments about specific resources and organisations, add a resource to the collection, add their organisation’s details to our database and donate to support our work.

*NEW* CRPD article index

A new Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) article index features relevant key lists according to articles six to 33 of the CRPD.  Click on the links below to browse through this new section of Source:

Article 6: Women with disabilities

Article 7: Children with disabilities

Article 8: Awareness-raising

Article 9: Accessibility

Article 11: Situations of risk and humanitarian emergencies

Article 14: Liberty and security

Article 15: Freedom of torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment of punishment

Article 16: Freedom from exploitation, violence and abuse

Article 17: Protecting the integrity of the person

Article 18: Liberty of movement and nationality

Article 19: Living independently and being included in the community

Article 20: Personal mobility

Article 21: Freedom of expression and opinion, and access to information

Article 23: Respect for home and the family

Article 24: Education

Article 25: Health

Article 26: Habiliation and rehabiliation

Article 27: Work and employment

Article 28: Adequate standard of living and social protection

Article 29: Participation in political and public life

Article 30: Participation in cultural life, recreation, leisure and sport

Article 31: Statistics and data collection

Article 32: International cooperation

Article 33: National implementation and monitoring

Our regular quarterly Source E-Bulletin featuring 25 recently added resources will be distributed in August.

What is Source?

Source is an international online resource centre designed to strengthen the management, use and impact of information on disability and inclusion.
If you would like more information about Source, please email source@hi-uk.org
If you want to add a resource or organisation to the Source collection, please use the following forms:

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