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Disability and Inclusion

Autumn 2020

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This email bulletin is a selection of resources recently added to the Inclusive Futures programme and also resources added to the general Source collection on Disability and Inclusion.

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Source E-Bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

Resources from Inclusive Futures

Now live on the Inclusive Futures home page you can read stories from Jobseekers with disabilities about how COVID-19 has impacted them; which can be found here. 

This evidence being produced by Inclusive Futures aims to encourage innovation, learning and offer fundamental new approaches to inclusive development policy and practices. Below you can find a few of the resources that have been produced;

BBC Action Media formative research provides insights on how to (re)shape the design and implementation of media capacity strengthening activities.

IDS Situational Analysis for Uganda demonstrates the current situation in relation to formal sector employment for persons with disabilities.

ADD International participatory research Informs the Design of New Inclusive Education Models.

A picture of DPO representatives sitting at an advocacy training event

DPO representatives at Sightsavers organised advocacy training for local partners involved in the Inclusion Works programme. Monarch Hotel, Nairobi.
© Patrick Meinhardt / Sightsavers

A picture of a classroom environment, with a teacher and a class on computers.

From Nigeria, Ujahdeen Sulaiman has hearing impairments. He is a teacher at the Abuja School for the Deaf, a school owned by the government.
© Sightsavers

General Resources from Source

BRAND NEW! Source has added an easy to search function for 'open access peer review' journals on Disability and Inclusion, to try it out please click here.  Current journals that have been added are the Journal of ‘Disability and the Global South’ and with more to follow in the upcoming weeks (if you have any suggestions - in any languages, please give us an email).

Below are the latest general resource recommendations from Source;

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