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Disability and Inclusion

Summer 2020

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This email bulletin is a selection of resources recently added to the Inclusive Futures programme and from the general Source collection on Disability and Inclusion.

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Source E-Bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

Resources from Inclusive Futures

Two years on from the Global Disability Summit the Inclusive Futures initiative has launched a platform that showcases work being done by 16 global partners across 7 countries to promote equal opportunities for people with disabilities across healthcare, education, work and in the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The initiative focuses on trialling approaches to inclusion and generating knowledge. The evidence produced will be hosted here on Source. This evidence aims to encourage innovation, learning and offer fundamental new approaches to inclusive development policy and practices. Below you can find a few of the resources that have been produced;

Situational Analysis for several countries that aim to answer “what is the current situation in relation to formal sector employment for persons with disabilities”?

A Gender Assessment Tool that supports capacity building with Disabled People’s Organisations.

Labour Market Assessments which were commissioned to understand how the labour market functions within the context of disability.

  1. Inclusion Works Kenya Situational Analysis, Institute of Development Studies (IDS) - June 2020
  2. Gender Assessment Tool, ADD International - January 2020
  3. Labour Market Assessment - Inclusion Works Bangladesh, Sightsavers - August 2019
Job seekers with disabilities take part in a research session at Pallet Caffe in Nairobi as part of the “Inclusive futures initiative” project.

Job seekers with disabilities take part in a research session in Nairobi as part of the “Inclusive futures" initiative.
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Social Worker Raising Awareness in the communities to COVID in Nepal.

COVID response in Nepal.
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