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Source E-Bulletin, Disability and Inclusion

Fall 2017

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This email bulletin is a selection of 25 resources recently added to the Source collection on Disability and Inclusion. To search the full collection, visit:
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Source E-Bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

Here is a selection of recent changes made on Source during the last months:
- Update of the following lists of key-documents :

Gender and disability

Wage employment

- Selection of 25 resources uploaded recently on Source, click on the title to see the full content:

1. Guide for business on the rights of persons with disabilities – UNITED NATIONS – INTERNATIONAL LABOUR ORGANIZATION, Geneva – August 2017
2. Ensuring the right to equitable and inclusive quality education : Results of the ninth consultation of member states on the implementation of the UNESCO convention and recommendation against discrimination in education – UNESCO, Paris – July 2017
3. Disability and HIV – JOINT UNITED NATIONS PROGRAMME ON HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), Geneva – August 2017

4. Disability gaps in educational attainment and literacy -  WORLD BANK, GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP IN EDUCATION, Washington – December 2017

5. WHO: New Quality Rights guidance and training tools (pilot version) – WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, Geneva – 2017

6. Inclusive education and accountability mechanisms –UNESCO, LEONARD CHESHIRE DISABILITY, Paris – October 2017

7. Knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) study on children with disabilities – UNICEF BHUTAN, ROYAL GOVERNMENT OF BHUTAN MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, Timphou – October 2017  

8. Childhood disability in Malaysia: a study of knowledge, attitudes and practices – UNICEF MALAYSIA, Kuala Lumpur – November 2017

9. World Blind Union Guide to the Marrakesh Treaty - WORLD BLIND UNION, Toronto - July 2017


10. UNCRPD: What is Article 12 and legal capacity? - MENTAL HEALTH EUROPE (MHE), Brussels – June 2016

11. South Sudan: People with disabilities, older people face danger – HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH, New York – May 2017

12. Supporting inclusive movements: Funding the rights of women with disabilities – DISABILITY RIGHTS FUND, Boston – October 2017

13. Inclusive and integrated mother, newborn and child health programming: Beyond mortality – HANDICAP INTERNATIONAL, Lyon – November 2017

14. Towards inclusion. A guide for organizations and practitioners - LIGHT FOR THE WORLD, Vienna – November 2017

15. Disability inclusion and the sustainable development goals: practices and challenges – LEONARD CHESHIRE DISABILITY, London - October 2017


16. Quality inclusive education for children with disabilities in Ethiopia – HANDICAP INTERNATIONAL UK, London – October 2017

17. The 8 steps : The role of community development organizations in providing holistic wheelchair services – WORLD VISION, Middleton – October 2017

18. How can we  ensure that the needs of people with disabilities are met in development ? – LONDON INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT CENTER, London – July 2017

19. Let me decide and thrive - Global discrimination and exclusion of girls and young women with disabilities – PLAN INTERNATIONAL, Woking – December 2017
20. Disability, health and human development – PALGRAVE MACMILLAN, Basingstoke Hampshire – October 2017
21. African Journal of Disability – AOSIS PUBLISHING, Cape Town – July 2017

22. New Earth Disability Newsletter – December 2017 – NEW EARTH DISABILITY, Berkeley – December 2017


23. Disability and sexuality: claiming sexual and reproductive rights – TAYLOR AND FRANCIS, Oxforshire – July 2017

24. Disability research and capacity development Newsletter – DISABILITY RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT, Ho Chi Minh – July 2017

25. Mental health assessments in refugees and asylum seekers: evaluation of a tablet-assisted screening software – BIOMED CENTRAL, London – October 2017

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