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Source E-Bulletin, Disability and Inclusion

November 2014

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This email bulletin is a selection of 25 resources recently added to the Source collection on Disability and Inclusion. To search the full collection, visit:
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Source E-Bulletin Disability and Inclusion

Keylist added to Source

Inclusive WASH and disability (updated in collaboration with WaterAid building upon resources by WEDC )

Selection of 25 resources

To see the full content of any of the 25 resources, click on the title: 

1. The inclusion of persons with disabilities in the post-2015 development agenda

INTERNATIONAL DISABILITY ALLIANCE (IDA), International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC), Geneva, IDA, and, Brussels, IDDC, November 2014

2. Inclusive learning : children with disabilities and difficulties in learning : topic guide

HOWGEGO, Catherine, MILES, Susie, MYERS, Juliette, Oxford, The Health & Education Advice & Resource Team (HEART), September 2014

3. The disabled beggar : a literature review

GROCE, Nora, LOEB, Marie, MURRAY, Barbara, Geneva, International Labour Organization (ILO), September 2014

4. Childhood disability and malnutrition in Turkana Kenya : a summary report for stakeholders and policy

KISIA, James, et al, London, International Centre for Evidence on Disability (ICED), and Nairobi, Kenya Red Cross Society, Christoffel Blindenmission (CBM) East Africa Regional Office, 2014

5. Disability and HIV : a systematic review and a meta-analysis of the risk of HIV infection among adults with disabilities in Sub-Saharan Africa

DE BEAUDRAP, Pierre, MAC-SEING, Muriel, PASQUIER, Estelle, London, Informa UK Ltd, July 2014

6. Inclusion works : lessons learned on the inclusion of people with disabilities in a food security project for ultra poor women in Bangladesh

BRUIJN, Paulien, Vienna, Light for the World, May 2014

7. Abandoned by the state : violence, neglect, and isolation for children with disabilities in Russian orphanages

MAZZARINO, Andrea, New York, Human Rights Watch, September 2014

8. Physical and functional rehabilitation

RENARD, Patrice, URSEAU, Isabelle, Lyon, Handicap International (HI), June 2013

9. Disability : making CLTS fully inclusive

WILBUR, Jane, JONES, Hazel, Brighton, CLTS Knowledge Hub, July 2014

10. What works to prevent violence against women with disabilities : a global programme to prevent violence against women and girls

VAN DER HEIJDEN, Ingrid, London, Department for International Development (DFID), 2014

11. Nairobi declaration : inclusive post-2015 development agenda for persons with disabilities in Africa 


12. Including children with disabilities in primary school : the case of Mashonaland, Zimbabwe 

ELUCA, Marcella, TRAMONTANO, Carlo, KETT, Maria, London, Leonard Cheshire Disability and Inclusive Development Centre, October 2014

13. Human rights watch annual report 2014

HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH, New York, Human Rights Watch, 2014

14. Fact sheet : refugees with disabilities

WOMEN’S REFUGEE COMMISSION, New York, Women's Refugee Commission, 2014

15. The Malawi key informant child disability project

TATARYN, Myroslava, et al, London, International Centre for Evidence on Disability (ICED), August 2014

16. Fiji disability inclusive community based disaster risk management toolkit

FIJI DISABLED PEOPLES ASSOCIATION, Suva, Fiji Disabled Peoples Association, 2013

17. Situation analysis of programs to meet the HIV prevention, care, and treatment needs of persons with disabilities in Ghana, Uganda, and Zambia

TUN, Waimar, et al, Washington, DC, US Agency for International Development (USAID), December 2013

18. Inclusion in education : towards equality for students with disability 

COLOGON, Kathy, Clifton Hill, Children with Disability Australia, 2013​

19. Disaster risk management for all : for the inclusion of children, elderly people and people with disabilities

FEDERAL MINISTRY FOR ECONOMIC COOPERATION AND DEVELOPMENT (BMZ), World Food Programme, GIZ sector programmes, Eds, Bonn, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), May 2013

20. Quality management of global rehabilitation services

PRYOR, Wesley, BOGGS, Dorothy, Lyon, Handicap International (HI), September 2013

21. Inclusive disaster and emergency management for persons with disabilities : a review of needs, challenges, effective policies, and practices 

RAJA, Deepti Samant, NARASIMHAN, Nirmita, Bangalore, The Centre for Internet and Society, 2013

22. Two stage child disability study among children 2 to 9 years : Bhutan 2010 - 2011

THE NATIONAL STATISTICS BUREAU (NSB), Government of Bhutan, Ministry of Education (MoE), Ministry of Health (MoH), Thimphu, The National Statistics Bureau (NSB), Government of Bhutan, 2012

23. Equity and inclusion in water, sanitation and hygiene : learning materials


24. WASH in schools

WASH IN SCHOOLS, The Hague, WASH in Schools

25. Inclusive WASH

WATERAID AUSTRALIA, Melbourne, WaterAid Australia

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