The rights of women with disabilities in Africa : does the protocol on the rights of women in Africa offer any hope?

KAMGA, Serges Alain Djoyou
Publication Date 
February 2011
12 p

"The aim of this paper is to analyze how women with disabilities can fully benefit from the legal framework afforded to African women by the African Women’s Protocol. The paper argues that the challenges faced by women with disabilities are huge and therefore should not be confined to a single provision, especially if disabled women’s rights are to be addressed efficiently. The Paper presents the situation of women with disabilities in Africa, discusses the implications of having a stand-alone provision on the rights of women with disabilities, and makes use of the guidelines for States’ reporting under the African Women’s Protocol with special attention to reporting on 'Special Protection of Women with Disabilities' (article 23) to demonstrate the added value of having many and more explicit provisions on the rights of women with disabilities"
Barbara Faye Waxman Fiduccia Papers on Women and Girls with Disabilities

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