Organisational learning in NGOs : creating the motive, means and opportunity

Publication Date 
March 2005
56 p

This paper explores the importance of organisational learning in NGOs drawing on examples gathered from interviews mainly with Northern NGO staff and from an extensive review of the literature. It examines NGOs' need to provide the motive, means and opportunity for organisational learning, introduces practical examples of how pioneering NGOs are doing this and suggests ways to combine these elements in planned and emergent organisational strategies for learning. The paper concludes that, although much has been written on the conceptual frameworks for organisational learning and knowledge management, learning and knowledge management are understood differently across cultures and contexts and that most current models are based on a Western understanding, presenting concerns about how to translate these theories into practice. There is therefore a need to engage with capacity building practitioners to explore innovative approaches which are relevant, appropriate and accessible across a wide range of cultures and contexts


Praxis Paper No. 3

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